Peter's Grad Quilt

Peter, as fifth of our nine children, claims the distinction of being the middle of the middle. From his earliest days this son has brought sunshine and smiles to our lives. As a baby, Peter didn't cry when he woke from a nap, but I'd hear him in his crib laughing to himself. Twenty-two years later he's still at it. He lived at home for a few months this spring, and how fun it was to hear laughing uproariously to himself in his room!

Peter has passed on his love of running to his youngest brother, Ben

It's a good thing Peter has such a sunny personality, too, because now he's living in the frigid north. In July Peter moved to Minneapolis, MN, where he is now working in Target's corporate headquarters as an accountant.

Business School graduation ceremony
Before he graduated in May, Peter asked if I would make him a quilt for his gift. Of course! And as an ardent Hoosier, he wanted it to reflect the cream and crimson colors of his alma mater. (I threw in the taupe just because, and it's my favorite part of this quilt. Deep cream, maybe?)

The pattern is called "Debonaire" and it's available from The Fat Quarter Shop. The original size is for a lap quilt, so I scaled up the blocks from 12" to 16" and added an extra row. I kept the quilting super simple, just using straight diagonal lines to emphasize the movement that way.

Hope it keeps him warm way up in the far north!


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