Pizza Animal Cell Model

While the rest of the kids were making pizza maps of Europe, from the same materials Peter was developing an animal cell model as an extra credit project for his biology class. To better display the organelles, Peter left off cheese until the last minute.

Cytoplasm = pizza crust
Lysosome = pineapple
Golgi body = onion
Chromatin = peanuts
Nucleus = ham
Nucleolus = orange cheese
Centrioles = pepperoni
Plasma membrane = crust border
Smooth endoplasmic reticulum = spinach
Rough endoplasmic reticulum = spinach + sausage
Ribosomes = sausage
Mitochondria = mushrooms


Kristen Wegener said…
Does it mean I'm nerdy if I think this is cooler than Europe?
Anne said…
Oh, probably. But it's hard to beat the coolness of Peter's smooth and rough E.R. ;)
Chris Sayre said…
Thank you.
Anonymous said…
Did you cook the pizza at all? My daughter has to do an animal cell and LOVES this! :-)
Anne said…
Yes! We certainly did cook the pizzas. Just as tasty as any pizza we make!
Anonymous said…
This is so cool! Definitely doing this for my school project :-)

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