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Picking up House

It's my year for new addresses, though in both instances, not all that much has changed.

First, after living for over 22 years in our home, the county informed us that our street address was changing. Hopefully this will make things easier for the FedEx delivery folks who continually get confused about some neighbors down the way.

But more relevant for anyone reading this, I've decided to leave this blogging address and shift my blog to a new location. I'd found that this site had some issues I was unable to resolve, and so I am starting with a fresh slate.

New blog

The name of my blog will remain "As Thy Days", which comes from Deuteronomy 33:25. ("... and as thy days, so shall thy strength be.")

I'll be migrating old posts bit by bit to the new site, but I'm hoping to add all new content to the new place. My aim for the summer is one post each Friday, as possible.

Thanks again for your patience! Hope to see you…

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