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Positively Addicting

One of the perks of being an older mom is that I still have the opportunity to join in some pretty cool field trips. This week, for example, Ben and I joined with others from his homeschool cross country team for a day of downhill skiing at Paoli Peaks. Happily for me, I was also joined by a sweet young friend who was able to come along. 
While waiting for our lift tickets, conversation amongst some of us adults turned to our own running habits. Running often seems perverse, and the common thread was that each of us usually started our runs thinking, "What am I doing? I think I'm going to die!" But we likewise agreed, that each day, no matter if the temps were in the single digit or the 80s, once we are back home, we are always so glad we stuck it out for the daily romp. There's nothing like a good run to work out stress or for a great time to think. And when the next day rolls around, we're eager to pull on those running shoes and head out once again. Weird, I&#…

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