Mr. and Mrs. VW!

In May we celebrated the marriage of our second daughter, Kristen, to Benjamin VW!

(Having a Ben in our family already, we've had numerous debates as to what to call Kristen's husband. "V-Dubs" seems to have won out over other options.)

What a lovely day it was, despite the rain showers that came and went!

There's no question about it - it takes a lot more to pull of a daughter's wedding than a son's! But the one thing that kept recurring to me throughout the entire process was gratitu for the involvement of others in Kristen's and Ben's lives, not just at the wedding itself, but going back to the time of their long-distance romance and even before that.

So our joy over Kristen and Ben's marriage was made so much the sweeter by sharing it with so many of these friends and extended family!

Here are some glimpses of some of these special ones:

Two of Kristen's nurse friends were just tireless.

Emily and Kristen met on a trip to Thailand with our online school about ten years ago and have kept in contact via phone and periodic visits. They've shared their lives during high school years, nursing school in two far flung states, and now as newly married ladies. A few days before the wedding, Emily arrived from Mississippi, and she was amazing! Wedding decorations? No problem! Help needed with flower arrangements? Sure thing! Reception set-up? Covered! We all fell in love with Emily and were so thankful she could be here while her husband had to be away for flight school. Happily, these two lovely ladies now live only a few hours apart, far better than the New Mexico-Indiana difference of their teen years!

Heidi and Kristen worked together for a couple of years at our local hospital before Kristen moved to Cincinnati. When we needed a florist at the last minute, Kristen remembered that Heidi ran a florist shop before becoming a nurse, and she was delighted to be asked to step in with the flowers! She and her daughter did an amazing job with the bouquets and cake flowers!

And the cake!!! This lovely and delicious cake was made our friend Cindy.

Two other very special and busy ladies, Jenna and Katie, made time to serve as Kristen's photographers.

Siblings preparing the succulents for table decorations

Other friends helped us with decorating, keeping us on task (thank you, Kate!), and serving cake and ice cream at the reception.

Here, then, are a few more pictures from the day.

Ben gets ready

A little rain didn't dampen these bridesmaids' spirits 

Siblings! (Faith, Amanda, Ben, Jonathan, Kristen, Andrew, Paul, Kara, Peter)


More Family!

Mr. and Mrs. V.W.!


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