Spring Sewing

Spring flowers table runner

In May we'll be celebrating a wedding of a daughter (!) and the college graduation of a son! Much of my sewing time lately has gone to working on two surprises for those life-change events.

But who wants to work on two projects when she can squeeze in a couple more?

So, in between blocks for the two big projects, I've made a few spring-like little items to brighten our home.

The flower table runner is made from a slight alteration to this table topper from Cluck Cluck Sew.

But then, piecing those corners of the flowers left me with some extra half square triangles. Tiny half square triangles. So I decided to make a little fabric box. Those tend to come in handy for various things. It's the second time I've used this tutorial, and this time I made one change. In addition to using batting, I also adhered a thin layer of interfacing to both the outer basket and to the lining pieces. Voila! This little basket holds its shape so much better than the one I did before.

And finally, here's a larger basket I made. I planned to use at the rehearsal dinner for wedding #1, only to decide it wouldn't fit the bill after all. Instead, it has found its purpose as my devotions basket. In it goes my index card box with my prayer cards, my file of memory verse cards, and a small Bible. Most days I spend my prayer time in a little-used bedroom (she's away at college) where I have this view of one of our crop fields. (It's still too early for our farmer to have planted anything yet.)

This divided basket pattern is available from Noodlehead for $7. I've made a number of these for others, and I love this pattern! It works great to hold diapers and changing supplies, but it's versatile enough to work in many different situations. 


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