And more jackets!

Before Christmas I put up a few pictures of the first two quilted jackets I made for our oldest grandgirls. It was a rush to the finish, but I did complete the last two just in time to turn my sewing room back into a bedroom before the onslaught of children, grands, and dogs arrived.

Here's the one I made for Jenny, our little red-headed orange lover:

Toddler Eliza adores animals of all kinds. So this is what I designed for her:

Both front panels are big-stitch quilted, which goes oh so fast! Eliza's animals are paper pieced. Here's one up-close:

Phew! I think I'm done with quilted jackets for a while. Maybe until we have some more little people join the family?


Linda said…

I love the little jackets you made! Each is unique and Beautiful!
Anne said…
Thank you! It was fun to try to come up with something that reflected each little girl's personality.
Kate said…
Your jackets are darling!!
Frieda said…
Love the jackets especially the animals on the second one. Could you tell me where you got the patterns for them? Thanks, Frieda
Anne said…
Thanks, Frieda!
The animal patterns are from *A Quilter's Ark* by Margaret Rolfe, and the quilted jackets are from *The Little Sister Log Cabin and Jacket and Vest Book by Barbara Bell Doriss.

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