Two Down, Two to Go, Two Weeks

Life's been extra full lately! Exciting things are happening, and I'm filled with thankfulness for wonderful answers to prayer! I hope to write a bit about that later...

But for now, in response to the query from a sweet friend, here are pics of the first two little girls' quilted jackets I've completed. This one is for my little Indian lover, and the fabrics reflect that theme. One is a feather print, another has arrows, and a couple others have a southwest feel. Plus, can you imagine the design in the front as a series of teepees? That was my idea, anyhow. The color in this picture isn't exactly right, but this jacket is peach, light teal, and gray.

And here's the hummingbird jacket:

This one takes its cue from the print fabric (seen in middle of sleeves) which has hummers. The birds in the front are paper pieced. Again, the color is not-quite true to life, especially with the red is really more of a coral.

So now I'm half-way done, and there are only two weeks to Christmas! It's a race to the finish!

(Especially since the room I've taken over as a sewing room needs to reconvert to a bedroom. The onslaught of returning sons, daughters, son-in-law, grands, and a fiancĂ©, not to mention a couple of dogs is just around the corner!)

Actually I've pieced and quilted #3, so only some hand-quilting and assembly remains. That one is a crazy combination of oranges and pinks for our three-year-old, redheaded fireball. I've picked fabrics for #4, but I'm still working on a theme. She's a little tornado on two legs, but she sure is sweet, so I think I'll go with something that reflects that.


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