Double Happiness!

We have happy, happy news! In the next few months our family will have the joy of celebrating TWO weddings!

In March Andrew will wed the lovely Esther!

Andrew and Esther met through mutual friends, and sparks flew almost immediately.  They've been keeping the airlines busy traveling between Dayton and Texas.

Andrew made Esther's engagement ring which involved designing it, having a wax mold 3D printed, and then the gold cast from that. There were some difficulties and delays along the way, but isn't the finished product lovely?

We're all super excited to travel to Texas during spring break to celebrate Andrew and Esther's wedding!

Good things come in pairs, right?

Here's our second happy couple.

In May Kristen will become the wife of Ben V.W. (Or V-Dubs as some in our family are starting to call him as a way to distinguish this Ben from our youngest son.)  Ben is a native Georgian who works just outside Atlanta as a civil engineer. To make life even more interesting, both Kristen and Ben have lively puppies. (Who have yet to meet.)

Tim and I couldn't be any happier for God's wonderful gift of Esther for Andrew and Ben for Kristen!


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