Positively Peru!

Llama surveys Machu Picchu (Sept. 3, '16)

I'm not exactly what you'd call a world traveler. Besides a summer spent in Belgium, I've only been to Canada a couple of times. Our daughter Kristen is an adventurous soul, and she's traveled with her dad to Thailand and Zambia. So when she declared Peru would make a wonderful destination, Tim decided I should be her co-traveler this time.

Oh my! I've wracked my brain in vain to come up with adequate adjectives to describe our trip. Amazing! Unbelievable! Even that overworked one - awesome - truly applies. Stepping away from my regular life for a week and entering this other world was incredible. Sometimes I'd feel like we were in the midst of a National Geographic special. What a joy to see this very different part of the world God made, experience the glories of these particular mountains, and interact with so many kind and helpful Peruvian people.

At the risk of becoming the neighbor who bores you by insisting you watch her slide show from her recent vacation, over the next days, I plan to post some pics from our trip. Instead of showing our trip in chronological order, I think I'll try to do it thematically. Tomorrow I'll start by giving you a feel of some of the many markets we experienced. Even for a non-shopper like me, the markets were a lot of fun!


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