Off to Deepest, Darkest...

Guess where I'm  heading? 

Yep - the home country of Paddington Bear:   (Deepest, darkest) Peru!

Tomorrow my daughter, Kristen, and I set out on an adventure, traveling to Lima, Ollantaytambo, Machu Picchu, and Cuzco, and wherever else our wandering hearts and feet take us during the week we'll be in Peru.

Not only is Peru the home of Paddington, but it is the location of one of our family's favorite series of missionary stories: The Rani Adventures. These aren't typical missionary biographies, but if you want to enjoy some family laughs and learn about mission life from the perspective of a missionary kid, you need to try these books! (It's a Jungle Out There!; Life is a Jungle!; and Jungle Calls.)

I didn't start out overly enthusiastic about this trip at the thought of leaving my husband and sons home, but excitement certainly has been mounting! Tim's encouragement to make this trip has been wonderful. I'm eagerly anticipating seeing God's beautiful handiwork as we hike and possibly bike Peruvian mountains and plains! We're looking forward to learning history and culture first-hand (and seeing some llamas in their native habitat!)  And as fiber-lovers, Kristen and I are hoping to bring some yarn and other textiles home. Finding raw materials (yarn instead of knitted products, for example) is harder than finding finished items. But I have a few leads, so we'll see what we can come up with. No matter what, Kristen and I are thrilled to be able to take this adventure together!


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