Friendly Throw Quilt

When my good friend moved into a new place, I wanted to make her a throw quilt in happy colors. 

This quilt is made from a fun, easy pattern from Allison at Cluck, Cluck Sew called "To the Point."  

Often when I make a top, I dither about what kind of finish to give it. Allison made it easy this time by giving some finish options on her blog which I ended up following. So first I outlined the white triangles with straight lines and then I filled in the white triangles with a tight meander. There's no quilting on the colored triangles, which makes them pop out. Here's what it looks like after washing and crinkling up.

Do you think it still counts as a housewarming gift if it was delivered eight months after she moved in?


Gemini Jen NZ said…
of course it counts! You've done a lovely job; I like the way you've only quilted in the white areas, it does make the colours stand out - great work!
Judy Kiesow said…
Love Love the colors!! The pattern is great also. I think I might want to make a quilt like this!! Thanks for giving me a new idea.

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