Almost Done!

Faith will graduate from our homeschool in just a few weeks! Come August she'll be heading up to Purdue. Yes, she'll be our fifth Boilermaker!

 Here's the quilt top I'm working on for her to take with her. It's flannel, so it's going to be super warm. I'm working up my courage to free motion quilt it with a swirly-wind design.

The pattern is "Diamonds in the Deep" from Bonjour Quilts. Ever since she was little, Faith has delighted in finding patterns of all sorts. She'd exclaim with happiness when a digital clock would register 12:34 or other fun combination. 

The optical illusion aspect of this quilt appeals to her sense of order with a twist as the color shifts from chiefly dark to primarily light. Maybe it's not surprising that Faith will be studying math education, putting to use her love for order and pattern!


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