Baby Booties That Stay Put!

Keeping socks on baby's little feet can be a near impossible job. Cute little booties often aren't much better. But I've found a simple to sew pattern that really does the job! You can find the tutorial here at the Making It Fun blog.

This is sweet baby Eliza, our youngest grandgirl, just after she was born last June.  She's a whole lot bigger now, and at nine months, she's a girl on the move, albeit with a unique scooting system she's contrived.

The reason these little shoes stay on is that there is a loop of elastic that runs all the way around, making a comfy but secure wrap around baby's ankle.

Here are a couple of tips for this pattern:

1. The original makes a shoe to fit a 0-6 month baby. It's super easy to scale up the shoe pattern with a copier. At 9 months, Eliza fits nicely into the pattern made at 118%.

2. I like to add some batting to the sole, so I sandwich fusible batting between two sole fabrics.

3. This pattern lends itself to variations galore! It's a great place to play with fabric combinations. You can add buttons, ribbons, bows, wool felt flowers, or anything else your creative mind comes up with!

4. For a toddler, scale up a bit more (maybe 130%?) and use a bit of non-skid fabric, the same kind used on footy PJs.

Another pair I made for Baby E.


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