On my design board...

So often I have such good intentions about writing more regularly in this space! But as usual, life is FULL! Right now Faith and I are up to our ears in the time sensitive college application process. Give us another month, and we ought to have that wrapped up. 

So instead of finishing my started posts on what our book club is up to this year or working on my piece about friendship for introverts, how about if I show you what I'm working on in the quilt realm?

This is the start of what will be a king sized quilt for Tim's and my bed. I'm crazy about batik fabrics, so that's what I choose for this piece. It's going to be e-nor-mous, but happily since the individual squares are just four strips, they go together super rapidly. I have no idea how long it will take to finish, but working with these lovely fabrics makes for a few minutes of color therapy each day!


Nathan and Erin said…
Beautiful! Looking forward to the post on friendship for introverts!

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