Because I'm An Undependable Blogger

Butterfly bush

Each week I faithfully check in with my favorite blogs. Rachel Houser's Stitched in Color blog is my go-to quilting inspiration site. For book and homeschool insights, I turn to Living Unabridged. And just for fun I read Better  After, a witty home and furniture make-over site.

One of the things I love about these blogs is that the author of each one faithfully follows a pattern of posting. Rachel puts up something new every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Karen at Living Unabridged almost always puts up a "Weekend Wandering" post on Saturdays (plus other thoughts as time allows.) And Lindsey at Better After posts every weekday.

Posts from these bloggers come faithfully. Predictably. Dependably.

Alas, Nonnie's Notes is anything but dependable.

No matter how good my intentions, I've never been able to find a rhythm of posting. Some months I've put up eight pieces and other months just one. Sometimes I have other writing responsibilities, but most of the time when I'm not posting it is because I'm too busy doing. Life. I never want to be guilty of writing about life but not living it. So my first order of business is to be present. Here. Now.

Net result - I'm inconsistent in writing in this space. And I don't see anything changing any time soon. Life is still just really, really full. I'm very thankful for that!

But here's a solution! (Proposed by a reader. Thank you, friend!):

Now you can subscribe to Nonnie's Notes. Just type your name in the little box up at the right hand side of the blog. You'll have to follow a few directions including confirming your email address. But then you should receive an email when I put up a new post. Whether that is tomorrow. Or next month.


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