Same Same, But Different: Kitchen Remodel


When Tim and Kristen went to Thailand a number of years ago for a trip with The Potter's School, Tim brought back some T-shirts that were all the rage in Thailand. (I've never been quite sure what they really mean.) On the front they say:



And then you read the back which says


That pretty much sums up our kitchen remodel. Even though we completely gutted the old kitchen, our new version has exactly the same layout. SAME SAME.

But all of the finishes are, well, DIFFERENT.


Tim installed crown mold on the bulkhead
We replaced the wood laminate flooring with a gray porcelain tile. Oh my! It is so easy to clean! (Plus it makes my boys feel like we live in a castle with stone floors.)

As a remodeling contractor, Tim has spent decades working in other people's homes, but he said it was more stressful living in his project than being able to leave it each night. I'm afraid he found his customer (me!) a bit frenetic in her activity to get the house back together again. (It was the fastest kitchen he's ever done, finished in just under three weeks.)

We chose natural cherry cabinets in a Shaker design. The coloring will darken over time, one of the beauties of cherry. We're enjoying the variety of grain patterns on the wood.

We exchanged the old fluorescent light with an LED one, and Amanda painted the trim on our other two lights to match. Amanda also painted  a faux marble backsplash. We think it's pretty, but if ever we change our mind, it can easily be covered with more paint instead of ripping out tile (and drywall.)

Andrew is planning to make some leaded glass doors for the two cabinets next to the sink. Tim still has a bit of trim left to install, and we have a couple of other details left. But we're back in business in the kitchen. Hurrah!


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