With Two Hands: Hidden Heroes Missionary Stories

Two hands! With this hand I renounce the devil and all his works! With this hand I surrender to Jesus Christ! All I am and all I have.”

When men and women from the Omo River region in Ethiopia come to Christ, they often proclaim their allegiance to Christ in this way.

I've just finished reading Rebecca Davis' account of God's work in the Omo River region of Ethiopia, With Two HandsWe read many missionary stories in our home, but this one stands out. It tells of the work of Dick McClellan, an Australian missionary who served in Ethiopia from the late 1950s until Communists took over in the 1970s, but more than that, it recounts the courage and faithfulness of numerous Ethiopian evangelists such as Nana and Fanta through much suffering. In all the stories, With Two Hands portrays the work of God, giving glory to Him, as He builds His kingdom in this African nation.

Often as I read to my sons, my eyes teared up. Not from sorrow, but from joy at God's might and His mercy. As you read, your faith and that of your children will be both challenged and strengthened. Each reading left me giving thanks to God for His work throughout the world to call men and women to Himself.

With Two Hands is the first in five (soon to be six) books in Rebecca's Hidden Heroes series. These are not missionary biographies per se, but instead focus on God's work in one particular geographical region. You can find a sample chapter from each of the books at the Hidden Heroes website.  I heartily recommend these books!


Heidi Bayly said…
If you want to read more, Messengers of Ethiopia and Warriors of Ethiopia are both great as well! Both are by missionary Richard McLellan and available on Amazon.

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