Zambia Trip Highlights

Sunset near Petauke, Zambia

Tim, Kristen, and Andrew arrived home Monday morning, travel weary, but so thankful for their time in Zambia with Tim's brother, David, and sister-in-law, Terri. What a wonderful time they had together, experiencing several different parts of this beautiful country, and seeing some of the work going on to build God's kingdom there!

Tim and Kristen have both posted pictures on Facebook, so this feels a bit redundant. But I love looking at them, so here goes anyway.

Along the Great East Road
After arriving almost a day later than expected, the group made their way to Covenant College located near Petauke in the Eastern Province.  
They took the Great East Road which was a bit rough at times. That plus all the weight of the extra passengers, ahem, put a bit too much stress on the shocks of David and Terri's mini-van. Happily, the car held out until they were back in Lusaka where it quickly went to the shop.

At Covenant College, Terri taught on Ruth at a women's conference and Kristen gave a simple lesson on darning. (Had she ever darned before? No, but that didn't stop her. In truth, she is a skilled weaver, and there is some overlap.)  David taught a number of church history classes to the students, pastors from rural areas, while Tim and Andrew wired a building on the property. A sweet missionary family serving at the College provided warm hospitality throughout their visit.

House for visiting teachers at Covenant College

Mama and baby monkey at the bus station
Traveling back to Lusaka for a day, the group prepared to head to Livingstone to see Victoria Falls. Since it was the maiden voyage of the bus they rode, all passengers received t-shirts from the bus owner who gave a speech in the middle of the trip. When the Chinese vehicle broke down during his speech, he made sure it was fixed promptly!


The falls are absolutely stunning!

David and Kristen playing in the Zambeezi River above the falls

While in Livingstone, they also visited a game park where they saw

an elephant, hippos, impalas, and bushbucks.
Back in Lusaka, Kristen was able to spend a couple of days shadowing an American doctor as she taught young physicians (equivalent to residents here) and visited the hospital. Kristen got to teach that favorite skill of nurses- giving injections.

Tim and Andrew worked on podiums for African Christian University, the new college that David is helping establish. David is heading up the seminary.

Andrew and a friend work on picture frames

Later there was a trip to a reptile farm near Lusaka.

Lots of crocs (which they'd also seen along the Zambeezi),

David and Andrew got up-close and personal with a python.

It was a jam-packed couple of weeks. I'm so thankful for David and Terri opening their home and lives to these three. We're so glad for the time and for being better to understand their lives and work in Zambia. Life at home was fine, though I find it more difficult to be separated from Tim the longer we've been married. But it does make the reunion very sweet!


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