Beyond the Fridge

Doesn't this painting just make you smile? I can't look at the beautiful colors and composition without cracking a grin. Lucky me, because it now sits just outside my kitchen, where I'll pass by countless times a day. I'd been admiring this for weeks as Amanda worked on it in the studio she has created in her room, so tonight she brought the finished product to me as a gift! (Incidentally, this is her first oil painting!)

Amanda based this painting on Leonid Afremov's Amsterdam.  It is on a 16x20" canvas and took her about two months to paint. On seeing the end result hanging she commented, "I've graduated from the fridge to the wall!"

Art supply organizer Amanda made


Terri said…
Tell Amanda Aunty says, "Well Done!" The colors in this are electric! You can feel the city here. She put her composition together very well - feels balanced perfectly.

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