Gymnasium for the Soul

I almost always am reading in two places in the Bible: the book of Psalms and somewhere else. During times of difficulty, I water my parched soul with Psalms all the more.

Martin Luther said the Psalms were the Bible in Miniature. And this is what the church father Ambrose had to say:

In the Book of Psalms there is profit for all, with healing power for our salvation. There is instruction from history, teaching from the law, prediction from prophecy, chastisement from denunciation, persuasion from moral preaching. All who read it may find the cure for their own individual failings. All with eyes to see can discover in it a complete gymnasium for the soul, a stadium for all the virtues, equipped for every kind of exercise; it is for each to choose the kind he judges best to help him gain the prize. (Commentary an Psalm 1:4,8)
Luther sometimes paraphrased Psalms as he wrote hymns for the church. "A Mighty Fortress" is based on Psalm 46, and this one, "From the Depths Of Woe," comes from Psalm 130.


Are you unfit and flabby spiritually? In need of strength for the storms life is bringing? Discouraged with your sin?  Need reminders of God's mercy and love? Head to that gymnasium of the soul, the books of Psalms!


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