Birthday Season 2013

In Huntington U's Science Building

Jon, Peter, Paul, Amanda, Kristen, Andrew, Ben, Kara with Jenny, Collin with Annie. 
(Faith was with Laurel who was napping.)

Between August 11 and Sept. 8, we have six family birthdays. (Laurel - 8/11, Tim - 8/27, Jonathan - 9/1, Kara - 9/2, and Ben and Annie on 9/8.) This year we celebrated in Huntington, where Collin has just taken up his new duties teaching biology! It was wonderful to finally see K and C's beautiful 1868 home and tour their lovely new locale. But of course, best of all was spending the day with the whole crew!
We picnicked at Memorial Park next to the Sunken Gardens
I had so much fun making gifts for the sweet grandgirls the past several weeks. I'd been saving girly fabrics for a while to make a play tent, and I ended up using two shower curtains along with a sheer panel for the top.

Tutorials abound for play tents. I more or less used this one, 
though I changed things up to make it work with what I had  on hand. A hula hoop provides the frame, and it rests in a casing between the top and side panels. I'm stashing more pretty, silky fabrics in case I decide our grandchildren area in the basement needs a play tent, too.

Goofy pencil dolls knit from these instructions

Ta-dah!!! Two little princesses!


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