One Less UFO

UFO: UnFinished Object in quilting parlance

This one was a long time in the making. Or more accurately, a long time sitting in a box waiting to be found and finished. Originally it was to be for my oldest son's high school graduation. With time to in short supply, I gave myself plenty of it, starting when Andrew was a sophomore, working in bits and pieces. While Kara and I waited to hear election results in 2000, we stayed up late working together. She pressed while I sewed. And then it went in the box. About five weeks later, a few days after the Supreme Court finally ruled that George W. Bush had in fact won the election, our eighth baby was born, dooming the quilt blocks to stayed untouched. Two years later as Andrew started his first year at Purdue, baby #9 put in his appearance. Somehow that quilt never made it out of its box.

Fast forward to this year. Hmmm. Andrew was approaching another graduation.When I pulled out the box from under my bed, I found that it was closer to finished than I'd remembered, and it went together without too much further hassle. But if I had to hand quilt the top, my preferred finish, it might sit another decade. So I found a lovely couple who do long-arm machine quilting at very reasonable prices.  (Sheila's Sew Time.) A month later, I had it back and ready for binding. Hurrah! One less UFO under my bed!

All-over quilt design with cotton batting



SarahD said…
Beautiful! I love it!

We are blessed with a mother-in-law who has clothed every one of our beds with hand made quilts. It's such a cozy way to make a house a home.
JonMelFarm said…
Beautiful, Anne!

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