Two Excellent Sermons That Pack a Double Whammy to Pride

Sunday one of our deacons, Ben Curell, preached to us about the rebellion or Miriam and Aaron against Moses. Ben, a meek man like Moses, exhorted each of us to kill our pride. You can listen to this very excellent sermon, "Kill Your Pride," here. 

Later a friend passed on to my husband a link to a sermon Jonathan Edwards preached called "Undetected Spiritual Pride: Our Cause of Failure in Times of Great Revival."

Here's a bit of what Edwards says:

But, beacuse of the nature of spiritual pride, it is the most secret of all sins. There is no matter in which the heart is more deceitful and unsearchable and there is no other sin in the world that men are so confident in. The very nature of it is to work self-confidence and drive away any suspicioin of any evil of that kind.There is no sin so much like the devil as this for secrecy and subtlety, and appearing in great many shapes that are undetected and unsuspected.

Spiritual pride takes many forms and shapes, one under another, and encompasses the heart like the layers of an onion: when you pull off one, there is another underneath. Therefore, we have need to have the greatest watch imaginable over our heats with respect to this matter and to cry most earnestly to the great Searcher of hearts for His help. He that trusts his own heart is a fool.

And because it is so hard to recognize our own pride, Edwards goes on to describe the fruits of a proud heart as well as to contrast that with those that result from a humble heart. Very helpful.


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