Why I should never post about upcoming posts...

I was all set to go with a spiffy July schedule of:

Laundry Solutions: Getting the Job Done, and Saving Money in the Process

Teaching Writing: Including a review of the IEW method and materials


Preschool Activity Kits


My computer was struck with lightning, frying the motherboard.

The good news is that during that terrific thunderstorm,we had more than two inches of rain at our house!

The mostly good news is that now I'm on a brand, spanking new computer.

The not so good news is that I've spent much of this week retrieving files and getting this baby set up, plus composing a piece for my paid writing gig, then writing it again when it was overwritten in the file retrieval process. Blah!

So, the laundry article (which I think will be a pair) will have to wait for next week.  (Barring some other calamity!)

In the meantime, here's a link to a fun site.

Coronation Chicken at Martha's school in Argyll and Bute, Scotland
Never Seconds is the charming blog of a nine year old Scottish girl, Martha,  who writes about her daily school lunch. Her blog went viral, and even more so after her school (temporarily) shut it down because they were afraid of bad publicity.

Beautiful Israeli lunch of felafel, pita, and greens

Kids all over the world send Martha snaps of their lunches, so she posts one each day, and it's fascinating to see the regional variety!

Martha is raising money for a charity that builds kitchens for children in the developing world, specifically Malawi in her case.  Right now she's on school holidays, so each week she has guest bloggers who aren't quite as entertaining as she is, but she still chimes in on most days.  My kids like to see what children eat all over the world. They've been keen on the Scottish and Welsh meals, but not so much on some of the east Asian ones.

Martha of Never Seconds and a celebrity chef


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