Input Kindly Requested!

Blogging is a peculiar pastime. I tend to post on rather eclectic topics, depending on what occurs to my adult-onset ADHD riddled brain at a given moment. I write for a variety of reasons and for various readers. First, I write because my children like to check in here, and it serves as a virtual scrapbook of some of our activities. Then, sometimes I write because it helps me solidify my thinking on a topic. But largely I try to post on topics that will be helpful or encouraging to other wives and mothers. 

So, dear readers, I would like to ask for some input. What types of posts are most useful to you? I’ve been considering various posts that would take a good bit of work, but I don’t want to do those if they are “not of general interest”, as we say in our house to a dinnertime conversation topic that does not appeal broadly.   

Here are some of the ideas I’ve been considering:

- Homeschooling with babies, toddlers, and preschoolers

- Creation week science activities for home or co-op (Based on the lessons I developed for our co-op this year)

- Women of the Bible lapbook (As made by the 4th-6th grade girls in our church’s mid-week program)

- More on teaching math (Teaching facts, mental math tricks, and more)

- Home management: Dejunking, Laundry systems, Quick Pick Up Strategies    
- Book or product reviews (A piece on the pros and cons of IEW is planned)

- Other: Please leave a comment if there are some other topics you’d like to see. I welcome suggestions or questions!

To make this easy to do, I've created a poll which is found on the right side of the blog. You may select multiple responses. Thanks so much!


Thank you Anne. I was just thinking yesterday that I should email you and request a blog post about your philosophy toward the education of toddlers and pre-schoolers. I am not yet at the point of having structured lessons with my 2 year old, but what types of things should he be learning and how should he be learning them? I would love your wisdom from experience and any book recommendations you have on this subject. This question is also asked with the idea in mind that we are working toward homeschooling when he is of school age. I look forward to reading whatever you write next!
Anonymous said…
Hi Anne! I'd like to know of any discipleship resources you used with elementary kids. We have used Leading Little Ones to God, Big Truths for Little Kids, the Egermeier Story Bible, and a few others. I don't know if I need a Bible "curriculum" or just to read the Bible with them. I was looking at something called "Herein is Love" which is a children's Bible commentary. Any other suggestions would be great. Thanks as always, Lydia Carter.

P.S. And also read-alouds that boys will love! :)
Heidi Bayly said…
I do enjoy reading your posts and find them helpful. Keep 'em coming :-) I really appreciate advice on homeschooling, as it is a BIG area to start. I'd also love a piece on loving your family and loving your church, and balancing the two.
Anne said…
These are all great suggestions! Thank you for the questions and directions to head. I'm working on putting a schedule together for the summer, and Lord willing, I'll make progress on these during the summer.
Grace Halsey said…
Dear Anne,
I really like your product and book reviews. Those have been so helpful! Anything homeschool related is great. I also like when you relate things that the Lord has shown you--ways you've been encouraged, etc.

Thank you!
Michal said…
I know I'm late in responding, but I'd love any advice on teaching Scripture to preschoolers, and helping them memorize passages.

I also would love to hear your thoughts on "alone time" for mom. I know it's not okay to demand it, but what should our attitude towards it be? Sometimes I feel guilty for how much I love any chance to be alone for an hour or two. I hate the term "me time" but how and when is it appropriate for moms to refuel?
Anne said…
Grace - thanks!

These are good questions, Michal. I often crave solitude and over time have come to see the importance of recharging. I've added these ideas to my list of topics and will be mulling them over, hoping to come up with something worth saying.

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