Seal Island Vest

I'm about to put a wrap on my manic knitting for the year. (Knitting season in my home runs from fall-spring.) My final major project has been a vest for Paul. I used the Seal Island pattern from Petite Purls.

Very early in our marriage, I spent one summer making braided rugs from cast-off wool clothing. As I ripped up the old garments, I filled our apartment with wool fibers. From that time on, my husband has had a severe wool allergy. For this project I used a yarn which I thought he could handle because it was only 20% wool. I was wrong. So it's back to cottons, acrylics, and the occasional mohair for me. Sigh. I do love wool. But I love my husband more.


Kristen Wegener said…
I have a good looking little brother... and a talented mother. It looks great mom!
Anne said…
Thanks, Kristen! (But don't look too closely. The results of knitting while reading aloud are only too evident.)

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