Celebrate Pi Day!

Happy 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939... Day!

For once National Pi Day (3/14, Wednesday) will not go uncelebrated in the Wegener household! (Thanks to a timely reminder from Jonathan's online AP Calculus teacher!)

Here's the culinary plan:

Breakfast: Puff Pancake Pie (baked in my jumbo cast iron skilllet)

Lunch: Pizza pie

Supper: Chicken pot pie, or some variation, with peach pie for dessert

Of course, we'll have to measure the diameter and circumference of all the skillets, pans, and plates we use during the day, and calculate the ratio.

And no Pi Day would be complete without reading one of my favorite math storybooks: Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi, starring Sir Cumference, of course, aided by his son Radius and wife, Lady Di of Ameter.

You might want to check out some fun Pi Day links:

The World of Pi - Has some inspirational pictures of edible creations in honor of this day.

Exploratorium's Pi Day site  

Pi Day Sudoku (Different rules than the usual version)

Mathematical Pi (song to the tune of "American Pie"; clean version)


SarahD said…
Whoa...you guys are hard core math enthusiasts! Hope it was a fun day. :)
Anne said…
Well, when I wrote that last night, it hadn't taken place yet, because TODAY is Pi Day. And we're really not all that hard core. I've just been frustrated at never remembering until after 3/14 was past! (And the menu, with the exception of the dessert pie, is what we would be having anyway, just rearranged to be prepared is round shapes.)

But just as I was posting this last night, my oldest son, Andrew called needing a recipe. Yep - Key Lime Pie, to take to his small group tonight to help them celebrate the holiday. (He's planning on using lime wedges to form a pi shape on top.)
SarahD said…
Yes, I saw a lot of "Happy Pi Day" comments on facebook the day after I read your post. I must just be out of touch. However, to redeem ourselves a little, we did run around yelling, "Beware!" on the Ides of March. So I guess we aren't completely hopeless.

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