The Elves' Projects 2011

Squirrel proof bird feeder in process
The elves were very busy the week before Christmas in our house. Our children do a "draw" between themselves for gift giving, and the giver must make his or her gift. This year most of them decided to do woodworking projects. Guess who that put the pressure on? Well, not this tool klutz. Because so much secrecy is involved, Tim and the kids ended up setting up four different workshops: garage, Turtle Creek farm shop, basement shop, and pantry. Yes, our house smelled like stain and polyurethane, but the kids turned out some neat projects from a redwood planter with trellis to a bird feeder that dumps rogue squirrels onto the ground. Other projects included:

a shoe rack for Peter,

a gun rack for Jonathan,

a Cribbage game for Andrew,

a Viking hat for Ben,

a piano bench for Faith,

and forced bulbs for Amanda.

Somehow I missed getting photos of the others: a beautiful lapis lazuli knit shawl, etched glass mugs with cocoa mix, and a shelf to go over Paul's bed. It's always a bit tense trying to get everything done, but so fun to see the kids putting their creativity to use for one another.


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