Field Trip: Solsberry Sculpture Walk

I just love the crazy, fun things that sometimes show up here in southern Indiana. Recently I was riding my bike down our rural road and I saw a St. Bernard playing with a little boy. Then I did a double-take. Was that really? Yes, it was! Romping with the boy and the dog was a young pig! And they were having so much fun! I just wish I'd had a camera.

But I did have a camera when we took a field trip one evening to the Solsberry Sculpture Trails, another unexpected find in our rural area. What makes this museum so much fun is that the 60+ pieces of art make their homes among the woods instead of inside of the usual walls which enclose exhibits. The trails wander through the woods, too, with no prescribed sequence that you must follow, adding to the whimsy of the place. You never know what you will find around the next bend - something made of limestone, stainless steel, cast bronze or woven cables - fun, crazy, or thought-provoking. Make sure you pick up a brochure which tells the names of the works, and have fun puzzling how each one garnered that title. Many of the pieces, which have been made by artists from all over the globe, were cast on site at the Green County Foundry.

Faith and Ben try to pose as part of the sculpture.

Check here for directions.

(Oh, and while the rules of the museum say there is no running or mountain biking, they don't say anything about not using the beautiful grapevine swing found in one of the clearings.)  

Now once you're all the way out in the Greene county boonies, you might was well trek over to another world-famous sight - the Solsberry-Tulip Trestle. It's a bit hard to find the first time, so you might stop and ask for directions at Yoho's General Store in Solsberry.

Built between 1905-1906, this is 2,295-footlong trestle is the longest in the US and the third longest in the world, according to Wikipedia. And it sits among some isolated farm fields in beautiful Greene County, Indiana!


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