Future Posts

Clip art licensed from the Clip Art Gallery at Discoveryschool.com
Now that Tim and I are back from our trip, and I'm almost caught up with the laundry and other backlogged items, I'm hoping to get back into a semi-regular blogging pattern. I'll aim for once a week, but sitting at the computer to put thoughts in print takes a backseat to other responsibilities. (Like the laundry and feeding my crew.)  Here are some of the things I hope to post in the next weeks:

1. Continuation of Children and Chores series

2. Children and Worship - I'd like to slip one or two pieces on this topic, suggested by Lydia, in between the Chores series.

3. Useful websites I've run across this summer for doing things like planning quilts and learning calculus. (Or relearning it! So much fun!!!)


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