Ms. Frizzle - here I come!

Three of my girls think I've gone over the edge of nerdism on this one. One sides with me. (Thanks, Faith!)

Last Sunday as I sat in church admiring a young lady's earrings before the service began, I was hit with the idea that it would be cool to make DNA earrings. DNA is just such an elegantly beautiful macro-molecule! Unfortunately,  my jewelry making experience is nil. However, I figured if someone had come up with a knit model (see previous post), surely some other crafty soul would have designed DNA earrings. And such is the case. I found several tutorials, but my favorite is this one which happens to come from our local university.

Faith had most of the necessary parts, and we improvised for the rest. I think the result is kind of fun. Faith says she might even wear them when she starts volunteering next week with Amanda at Wonderlab, our local science museum.


Lisa said…
As the wife of a scientist, perhaps my husband would like these earrings on me....he would get a kick out of them :)
Anne said…
Lisa -

Well, I haven't had the nerve to wear them outside of the house yet, but it's nice to know that someone else thinks they aren't completely weird.

We asked my oldest daughter if she thought one of her sisters should make this beautiful DNA scarf ( as a Christmas gift for K's husband who is studying hemlock tree DNA for his dissertation in ecology, but she wasn't impressed with the idea. ;)
Elizabeth said…
Anne! I totally love the earrings! And if you are a nerd, I completely identify with your nerdiness. In fact, I made a cable-knit scarf for my father once using a double-helix pattern I found on the Internet.

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