Hemlock Cliffs and Lost River - Southern Indiana

One of the most beautiful places to hike in southern Indiana is Hemlock Cliffs in Hoosier National Forest located near English, IN. The hiking trail is very short (1.2 miles), but you can take some side branches or just mozy along the box canyon, enjoying the scenery, waterfalls,

and (at least in April) stunning wildflowers. 

Tim and youngest six enjoying themselves. They were pretty boisterous, not to mention, LOUD. We worried a bit about scaring away the naturalist photographers.


I didn't really want up there, anyway!

On our way north to home, we stopped off at the Wesley Chapel Gulf of the Lost River near Orangeville. This is also part of Hoosier National Forest and is a designated Natural National Landmark. A by-product of the karst landscape, here you can see swallow holes, sinkholes and caves. In the spring, especially this very wet one, you can see where the Lost River temporarily comes out of the ground and then boils back down underground again. Pretty cool! (As was the large snake we saw, but I ran the other way instead of taking a photo!)

Either of these sites is worth visiting alone, but since both of the hikes are short and they are reasonably near one another, they make for a great double header.


Kristen Wegener said…
That little wimp, Faith!
Lisa said…
Hi...greetings from New England. My family and I will be moving to Bloomington in a few months and will attend Clear Note. Heather U. gave me this blog address....what a treasure. I am at the beginning road of homeschooling my 4 little lovies. Thank you for sharing...I am gleaning.
Anne said…
Hi Lisa -
Thanks for the sweet note! Heather has mentioned your family, and I can't wait to meet you when you get to Bloomington!

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