Fun Poetry: At Last

 At Last   
By James Stevenson

Dogs in the back seat,
Always in the back seat,
Miles in the back seat,
Hours in the back seat.

But in the parking lot of shopping centers,

You'll see: Dogs get their chance

At last

To drive.


Emily B said…
Anne--Thanks so much for this section on poetry! I have read my children poems only a handful of times (due to my own aversion) and I hadn't even THOUGHT to memorize it, but we are starting this week with this poem. They love it and go around the house chanting, "HOURS in the backseat, MILES in the backseat..." I think it is because they can empathize with our many trips to Bloomington the past few weeks!
Thanks again,
Anne said…
Emily -
I'm glad you've enjoyed the poetry posts. My kids memorized this one several years ago, but still chant it at times - especially when we see a dog in a car in a parking lot. :)

Can't wait to have you all nearer! When will you be making the move?
Emily B said…
NOT SOON ENOUGH!(Around June 13th)
Can't wait,

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