Good Books

World magazine senior writer, Janie Cheaney has teamed up with Emily Whitten to write a new blog about children's literature, Redeemed Reader Blog : "Kid's books. Culture. Christ." This pair of women, one a former and the other a current homeschool mom, tackle both newly published books and classics, giving readers insightful, thought-provoking reviews on such volumes as Jane Eyre, the Percy Jackson series, and the current Newbery winners. I like the different perspectives that come from one of the women being on the older side of things and the other just starting out as a parent. It looks like it is going to provide some excellent leads on new books plus some warnings about others.


Grace Halsey said…
Thank you, Anne! This looks really interesting and helpful.
Emily Whitten said…
Thanks from us at Redeemed reader, too! I read through some of your articles and bookmarked your site. You have a nice way of capturing the beauty of motherhood in all its gory details. Thanks!

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