Edible Maps IV: Sticky Rice Asian Map

We've been spending several weeks on Asia, focusing especially on physical and political geography, but also praying for countries and people groups in that area of the world and studying some aspects of various cultures. After turning in homework and taking tests on the latest regions, it was time for some fun - making another edible map!

Since Asia is so large, we decided to make one big map on the counter top.
I cooked three cups of sushi rice, and then the kids used this to form the land mass of Asia. 

Next, they added toppings:
peapods = forest
chow mein noodles = desert
broccoli = grasslands
chicken = mountains
Thai peanut sauce = rivers 
sweet and sour sauce = lakes, inland seas

Some were pretty enthusiastic about deserts and mountains, but not as crazy about grasslands.

 And here are (most of) the goofy kids just before consuming "Asia". 


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