Super Simple Edible South America Maps

In our continuing quest to make edible maps of every continent, this week we made South America physical maps from tortillas. This was super simple, though the scale didn't allow for much detail. First each child cut a 10" tortilla into the shape of South America.

 After that, they added toppings to represent important features. Here's what we came up with:

- mountains (Andes) = taco meat
- snow (The Andes have snow year round) = sour cream
- Amazon Rain Forest = guacamole
- grasslands/pampas = lettuce   
- desert = cheese (some kids used cheese in other ways)
- rivers = salsa OR scraps of tortillas dyed with blue
              food coloring


We cut the scraps of tortillas into strips and baked with a small bit of oil and cinnamon sugar. Mmmm!


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