More Smokies Pics

We've found it very handy to hike with "Beans of Power" stowed in Tim's or my pack. When he sees the kids need an energy boost, it's time for a Bean Break. (Beans of Power = jelly beans.) We also use "Peas of Power" which are Skittles. On this trip, we sometimes carried both beans and peas.

Our hikers have been known to run ahead, hide, then stage a hold-up for beans.

"We need beans!"

Dispensing beans

Long hikes brings out the goofiness in our kids. And I do think we may have the loudest hikers this side of the Rockies. (That side too, for all I know.) We didn't have too great a danger of surprising a bear on this trip, as happened last time. Unless the bear wanted to join in singing some Veggie Tales' Silly Songs.

We found some nice vines for swinging on. After hanging upside down like his brothers, Ben quickly came off and started a fast slide down the edge of the mountain, leading to a few hair-raising seconds for all of us. Thankfully, he caught himself, and then burst into uproarious laughter. (Sorry, no pics of that one!)

After our most strenuous hike, we relaxed with a fun hayride around Cade's Cove.    

Even though the leaves were just starting to turn in early October, the Smokies were beautiful as always, and we sure hope to come back again.


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