Turkey Run

I'm writing this from a cabin at Turkey Run State Park.

My husband has given me the priceless gift of two+ days of quiet and solitude at this state park set in Parke County, IN, known for its beautiful terrain, 39 covered bridges, and maple sugar camps.

My time away has been fabulous! I've hiked through box canyons and down little rippling creeks,

taken a 30 mile bike ride to see several covered bridges,

visited an 1841 frontier mansion,

and met a 94 year old maple sugar farmer. I've had much time to think in a linear direction, to pray, and to regroup a bit. I think I may even be ready to head home tomorrow after picking up Peter at Purdue!


Though priceless to me, the trip has not been without cost for my dearest one. Summer is my slow season, but typically Tim's busiest. This year is no exception, and he is running hard keeping a major remodel going and trying to get a couple of other things off the ground. Taking a few days off and staying home with the kids hasn't been an option. Tim's been taking one little boy with him each day to keep things quieter at home. To top things off, yesterday Amanda, one of our best helpers, fell ill and Tim took her in to the pediatrician who then sent her to the hospital for an ultrasound to check for appendicitis. Thankfully, it was negative.  
                                                                                        Garden at Lusk Mansion (above house)
Despite the difficulties, Tim insisted I go, and here I am, trying my best to make his sacrifices worthwhile!

My husband is a constant reminder of God's kindness to me. He loves me so much more than I deserve, and continually gives himself up for me, just as Christ loves his imperfect bride.


Anne said…
P.S. Somehow my background has disappeared. I'll have to get tech support (Kristen or Jonathan) to help me find it again.
Anonymous said…
Turkey Run is my favorite retreat spot! And my favorite hiking trails, best canoe service-across the road from the campground, most peaceful spots out in the woods and in ravines on various trails and my all time favorite #3 to the right first, to climb up the waterfall. We are due for a trip this summer... some of us went just after Labor Day last year, at the start of our homeschool year & it was the best start ever. :) Susan T

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