Eggs-cellent Fun

About a month before spring officially arrives, our chickens go into overdrive with their laying. Chickens are light sensitive, needing 14-16 hours of daylight for peak laying. However, I don't think that explains everything, because our chickens produce more in the spring than in the fall at a time with equivalent number of hours of sunlight. Anyway, beginning in late February, we start overflowing with eggs. Every so often we'll get a truly jumbo egg like the one Peter's holding. Poor hen. I can just hear her saying, "Ouch!!! I quit! I'm never doing that again!"

                                                         Here's that one double-yoked egg, opened into a baking pan. 

We tried dyeing eggs with natural dyes this year, following the instructions in Mother Earth News.  It was quite a bit of fun using onion skins (yellow), beets (sort of reddish), and blueberries (blue).

We tried red and yellow onion skins, but both produced a similar color. The blueberry dye looked pinkish, but when rinsed, turned blue. The beets were disappointing, so next time we try this I think we'll experiment some more. Then with a good red, yellow, and blue, we can see if we can come up with pretty secondary colors. 

                                                                 The finished product!


Kara said…
The blueberry ones are lovely! You didn't try any red cabbage?

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