My Test-Tube Spice Rack!

My kids came up with the clever idea of making me a spice rack that resembles a giant test tube rack. They spent weeks sending "TOP SECRET: Don't let Mom see this" emails back and forth. One question was what to use for the test tubes.

Some research led Kara to a source for baby soda bottles (2 liter pop bottles before they are "inflated".)
Other kids crafted the hardwood rack, and Andrew installed it on Christmas. I love the labels which have a faux periodic table symbol on one side! And with my spices out of my spice cabinet, our dinners are getting more exciting!


Amy said…
What a great surprise! Don't you love it when your children really put a lot of thought into making such a special gift? It really shows how much you're treasured!
Spice Rack said…
Yeah your right Amy,I'm also amazed the way your they created that amazing spice rack.Very adorable.
Spice Rack said…
Any designs of spice rack for me will do, but I really appreciate your concept about a test tube turning into a spice rack. Seeing our own kitchen being fully set up brings out the energy in us to cook delicious meals. When it is arranged, it keeps us to have a good mood for cooking. I just couldn’t imagine how and what it feels to cook in a kitchen that’s disorganized and thatis’s unfinished with the necessary equipments for cooking.

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