Classical Contests for Kids

If your kids are studying Latin (or Greek) and/or classical mythology, you might be interested in one of these national exams. All of the exams offer students awards for scoring well and provide motivation to keep working hard. You can find sample questions and all the information you need to prepare for the tests. The first two are offered by Excellence Through Classics and the National Latin Exam is sponsored by the American Classical League and the National Junior Classical League.

- National Mythology Exam: Students grades 3-9 take a 30 question multiple choice test on classical mythology based on the D'Aulaire's book of Greek mythology. Students from grades 5 up also take various subtests, one on Hercules, and for older students one or more from a choice of classical texts or Native American, African, or Norse mythology. Application deadline is January 15, 2010. Registration costs $3/test plus one group shipping/registration fee of $15.

- 2010 Exploratory Latin Exam: For students in grades 3-6. $3/student plus one group shipping/registration fee of $15.

- 2010 National Latin Exam: Provides tests from Introductory Latin through Latin VI. Here's the format:

  • Latin I, II, III, III-IV Prose, III-IV Poetry: 40 multiple-choice questions. Categories include grammar, comprehension, mythology, life, history, derivatives, and questions based on a short passage in Latin.
  • Introduction to Latin Exam: This exam is designed for Latin I students who cover approximately one-half the Latin I syllabus. The format is the same as Latin I, II, III-IV Prose, III-IV Poetry.
  • Latin V & VI: Latin passages with 40 multiple-choice (questions on comprehension, grammar, historical background, classical literature, and literary devices.

This test costs $4/test (with a minimum of $10),plus a $10 registration fee. Deadline for early registration is Jan. 16, 2010.

- 2010 National Greek Exam - also available from ACL/NJCL.

Kristen participated in the NLE for a couple of years and this year I've signed up Jon and Peter to take the Intro level. Amanda, Faith, and Paul are planning to take the mythology exam. So now we have something to look forward to (or not as, depending on the particular child's point of view) in the dreary late winter!


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