Our Favorite Thanksgiving Read-Aloud

Every year Tim reads aloud Louisa May Alcott's hilarious family tale, An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving. This story tells of a family of seven children whose parents are suddenly called away to care for the mother's mother who (they have been told) is seriously ill. Left to themselves, the children decide to pull off Thanksgiving preparations themselves with some very amusing results. Tim reads the book, inserting names of our children rather than the given names.

Recently I saw a movie version in a store, but after reading the reviews, it sounds like it bears very little resemblance to the original story. So, search for the book which is available in several formats. (We own two rather different editions.) Finding an edition with great illustrations will make your reading that much more pleasurable. But if you can't find it in your library or bookstore, you can read it online from Project Gutenberg.

"Suddenly Tilly threw down the axe, flung open the door, and ran straight into the arms of the bear."

Have a wonderful time of giving thanks to the Lord this week!


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