Amanda's Redwall Costume

For her online English class, Amanda was assigned to make a creative application project based on the book Redwall by Brian Jacques. From several options given, Amanda decided to make a costume for Martin the Warrior. She had fun sewing a tunic and hood, making a sword with her dad, and creating leg armor from old pizza boxes. (It's amazing what you can do with pizza or cereal boxes! Last year Peter created a very cool Roman soldier's kilt!) Here are a couple of pictures of Amanda and her work. After today, most of her costume is going to younger brothers, as she is also in the process of sewing a lady's medieval costume for our upcoming Medieval Feast.


Anonymous said…
Very cool Amanda!! I love the costume. =)

When's the medieval feast? Any chance I'll be home for it?

- Kristen
Anne said…
Kristen -

Yes, we want you to come to the feast! We're planning to do it just before Christmas, maybe Sat. the 19th or even Monday the 21st.

Hope you have a great weekend! Call me if you have ??s when you study for your chem test. :)
Anonymous said…
Hi Anne! I found your blog through the Bayly Blog.
We have a bunch of Brian Jacques books from Michael's elementary years; Redwall included. This inspires me to read the story!

Jessica Woods
ummelmommy said…
Not quite as cheap, but definitely longer lasting, you can make armor from disposable aluminum pans. You can cut it and then hammer it to give it a very real look. Might be helpful in the future :)
Anne said…
That's a great idea, Heather. We might give it a shot. Amanda just loves to make things from old boxes for some reason. I've also sewn "armor" from gold quilted fabric which has lasted for years. The pattern is from the Doorposts company and makes pieces to go along with the armor of God from Eph. 6.

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