Welcome, sweet Annie Sunshine Hobbs!

Annelise Sunshine Hobbs made her much anticipated entrance into the outer world on Tuesday, Sept. 8, hitting her mother-calculated due date on the head! (The doctor's date was Sept.9.)

It was an amazing experience to be able to be there for her birth, watching Collin and Kara work together as a perfect team. Kara drew so much strength from the Lord and from Collin, continuing on past what she thought she could endure. Dear Barbara served as doula, and it was beautiful to watch her work to encourage and keep things moving. This was the first birth I have attended in which I was not the mommy, and it was certainly a different experience. God's mercy and presence were evident throughout.

And now we have the incredible joy of being grandparents! I am currently dealing with a fever, so keeping my distance from the Hobbs' family, but once I am certain I am not infectious, I can't wait to give that little girl some kisses.


Anne said…
Oh - I forgot to mention this. When I started this blog about five years ago, I was just dreaming of being a grandmother, but now I can actually lay claim to the name "Nonnie"!
Anonymous said…
Feel better soon!!!!

Mary Vela said…
Oh, congratulations Anne, what a delight, God bless

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