Amanda picking berries

Amanda picks blueberries from one of our newer bushes. We've put over 5 gallons in the freezer so far!


Jessica said…
Wonderful! Are you square foot gardening this year?
Rebecca Nugent said…
Wow- it's like looking at a little Kara!
Anne said…
Jessica - Yes, we are still square foot gardening. We've been eating something from the garden almost daily. Now the tomatoes are starting to ripen - hooray! Our fruit bushes (blueberry, red raspberry and blackberry) and baby fruit trees are not part of our square foot gardens, though. How's the lasagna gardening coming? I checked out the book from the library and found it very interesting!

Rebecca - The resemblances between Kara/Amanda and Kristen/Faith are pretty strong, and not just in physical appearance.
Jessica said…
Hello Anne,

Our little Lasagna Garden has done rather well. We ate romaine for many weeks and now we're starting to pick some zucchini. In the meantime, we have watermelon growing and just started some pumpkins and pole beans. Our tomato plants are doing o.k., but not as well as I would like.

It's been an exciting process and I'm sure we'll expand more next year :)

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