Party at the Village

Last week my kids threw a surprise party for my birthday. My friend Kim says it was my perfect square b-day. (Take the square of that most perfect number...) To catch me off guard the kids held the party a few days early. Plus, planning an outdoor gig, they had been watching the weather and saw the best window was Monday.

After dinner that night my children casually asked if I'd like to come see what they had done in the village. For several years our children have been developing homes and buildings in our woods. They started out with "The Village" and have expanded to include other outposts such as Thorny Grove, Wally Nut, Mossy Hill, and Hollin. To be considered an official settlement, the new place must include a town hall and at least one residence. They build their homes and stores, schools and parks from logs and rocks they find in the nearby creek.


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