The Weather Outside is Frightful ... But the Fire Inside's Delightful

We're heating almost exclusively with wood this winter. We decided the time was right to replace our old stove, which was burning through wood at an alarming rate since it was not even close to airtight any longer. We're loving the increased burn times and efficiency of our new Lopi Leyden. Tonight it's already down to -4 outside, but its still a moderate 67 in the upstairs bedrooms. The main level of our house is toasty. Our basement kids, though, are bearing the brunt of the no-furnace policy this winter. Brrr. We've moved the old stove down there and hope to have it hooked to the flue soon.

Here's something fun to try if your weather is bitter:
Take a cup of boiling water outside and toss it in the air. Instant "snow"! (OK - not real snow, but close enough.) If it is not cold enough at your house, you can find videos of folks doing this on You Tube.


Jill said…
I'm envious of your beautiful new stove! One of my most cherished memories of our Kirby Rd. house was heating with a wood stove. I loved it. The air feels more warm and comforting when warmed by a wood stove.

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