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I've been giving myself a refresher course on frugal living the past couple of months. For most of our marriage Tim and I have lived reasonably simply (i.e., cheaply.) We believe in saving money and paying cash for just about everything. (We did have a mortgage on our first house, but paid it off in five years.) This has helped us survive some lean years. As life took on an increasingly crazy pace, it became harder to pay attention to being as careful financially, and we've slipped out of some of our more frugal habits in recent years. The current economy is not a great climate for building, so we've been rethinking all things financial since September, looking for areas we could trim.

Maybe you also would like to control or limit your family spending this year. I've been rereading my Complete Tightwad Gazette, reading online, experimenting with some frugal recipes, and adjusting my attitude. I'll try to post some of what I've found helpful in saving money on food, making your own soaps and cleaning products, and other useful tips. If you have discovered some great frugal ideas, please let me know, too!


I have pulled out my tightwad gazette books off the shelf too! We are hoping to get back to our frugal yet simple life.....hope to gain some new ideas from you!
Amy said…
I'd love to see some frugal, yet healthy recipes. Most of my most frugal recipes (at least the ones that my family will eat!) are so unhealthy. Fresh produce is so expensive! One of these days I'll be at a point where I can start a garden, but until then...any ideas?
Anne said…
Hi Amy -

That's a great idea. I'll put recipes on my list of upcoming frugal topics. I'm working on building in more vegetarian meals into our meal rotation. My oldest daughter, Kara, cooks for Bloomingfoods. (By the way, she is pregnant again!) She's a wonderful cook and knows how to prepare some interesting dishes. She gave me a recipe for dhal (lentils, Indian style.) I've never been crazy about lentils, but these are really good. And Tim and the kids likes it too served with homemade flatbread.

Also - a few years ago I found a cookbook at the library called *Cheap, Fast, Good* and it is all those things. I ended up buying my own copy, and it is one I use most frequently. The recipes are interesting, but still quick to prepare and use ordinary, inexpensive ingredients. You might want to look for this at the library.

And - my #1 tip for saving money on food is shopping at Aldi. Their selection of produce is not as large as other stores, and it is not always gorgeous, but I regularly buy their broc, carrots, fresh spinach, lettuces (Romaine and head), onions, potatoes, bananas, apples, sometimes grapes, etc.
Amy said…
That's wonderful news that Kara is pregnant again. Congratulations... what a blessing!

We do love Indian food. I need to get in the habit of shopping at Aldi's again. Since I've moved back, it seems that I've been spending more time at home and less time traveling to the 'big city.' LOL!

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