Summer Pleasures 2007 (So Far...)

1. Stepping off the porch to pick fresh basil, thyme, parsley, chives, or other herbs to add to whatever is on the stove. Each year we grow a bit more basil – you can never have too much!

2. Walking into the backyard early in the morning to gather blueberries for breakfast muffins.

3. Listening to middle boys’ enthusiastic description of our now broody hen. This is followed by reading about behavior of sitting hens and hearing them exclaim, “Yes, it is just like that!”

4. Discovering new hiking spots both near and far with the family. (Favorite so far – Hemlock Cliffs!)

5. Enjoying time working with friends to strategize and plan for the coming year – ladies’ activities, girls’ program, and homeschool group.

6. Sharing life, laughter and occasional tears with same friends.

7. Relishing time with Tim’s brother’s family before most of them return to Africa.

8. Wearing a sweatshirt after a summer rainstorm.

9. Enjoying one-on-one time with children as we work on their individual 4-H projects.

10. Pouring through catalogs and pulling books off personal bookshelves as I gather resources for next school year.

11. Writing goals, schedules, expectations, and lesson plans for the coming year. (Really – this is a true pleasure!)

12. Smiling at the latest wildflower bouquet one of my daughters has picked. Current batch consists of black-eyed susans, milkweed, butterfly weed, day lilies and something we call “trumpets.”

13. Exclaiming over the extravagance of God’s creation as I watch the continually changing vegetation I pass on my walks and bike rides.

14. Rejoicing in the rain which came just in time to save our tenant farmer’s corn crop. Corn is now well above the “knee-high/Fourth of July” mark and on its way to creating the hiding places my children will be playing in by late July.

15. Preserving food to remind us of summer days as we shiver next winter.


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