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Here's a photo of Andrew and Kara on graduation day standing in front of the lion statue. You can barely see Edward's ear at the bottom of the photo. (I am pretty sure I was the only mother who had to hold a teddy bear throughout the ceremony.)

Andrew graduated with a B.S in electrical engineering (minor in math) and Kara with a B.A. in Classical Studies (minors in English and Art and Design.)

So, what are they up to now?
Andrew's spending another summer working for Hewlitt-Packard in beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado. In the fall he'll be returning to Purdue for graduate school, still in EE, specializing in microwave/radio frequency.

Kara has moved back home, greatly enliving our household and helping out enormously. The scary thing is I know that I could consume all her time with things that have not been getting done around here. She's looking for a job locally and starting to interview, and will be considering library science school for the following year.


HEI.LAdy.n said…
Hello..I just came across your blog, and I just want to congratulate you and your children. A proud parent, indeed. Interesting blog to read:)
Annie Groover said…
I am a grad of the IU library school, if Kara needs any info!! Congrats!

Annie Groover
Anne said…
Hi Annie! Yes, I remember that you are a library science grad. I think Kara might have some questions for you in a few months. Were you able to chose a specialty, like, say, children's literature?
Annie Groover said…
You can "officially" specialize in things like Law libraries, or Fine Arts which requires a joint degree with those programs. You can self specialize within just straight Library school for things like Public libraries, or school libraries, or archives, or cataloging, etc. Things may have changed in the 8 years since I was in school, but she should be able to be pretty specific in her interests. Talk to you soon!

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